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The Book

3.290 Ft
Szerző: Tanley Milet
Elérhetőség: Raktáron

When you feel a kind of discomfort in your body, it is not always serves as a proof of a physical illness. It can be a sign of your inner voice to come forward. The sign of You who is ready to see more than you think you know. It is a sign that you have far more questions about you than answers. It is a sign that you would like to have your own answers. That is what happened with Richard in the beginning of The Book. The story is a bit of mine, a bit of his and a bit of ours. So, let's see more!

Ingyenes szállítás 20.000 Ft feletti rendelés esetén

Ingyenes szállítás 20.000 Ft feletti rendelés esetén

Leírás és Paraméterek

Thank you for the mass interest, but we regret to tell you, that the world is in fine order, no matter what happens, and this is the starting point. From that point sways men in every direction, so the world become just like he wants it to be. Richard is just one of many with his apparent self-confidence and sways, until a mysterious guest, in the form of a package, turns up.

Then events follow in quick succession that brings a multitude of people his way, so he can experience: there are many of us looking in the same direction. If need be, we keep each other company, provide help or just fight our own fights to find our solidity.

The fast events do not necessarily require rash decisions, quite the contrary, they can show us their different faces. Whoever sets out on the adventures with him had better be prepared and have their child’s mind ready for the journey.

ISBN 9789631285741
Kiadás éve 2016
Kiadó Szerzői kiadás
Kötés puhatáblás
Oldalszám 260


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